Ontario’s 2019 Top Energy Performing School Boards

Mar 11, 2019 | Publications, Schools

Sustainable Schools is pleased to announce the top energy performing school boards in Ontario, based on reported data for the September 2016 – August 2017 school year. Our 2019 report recognizes the most energy efficient school boards in Ontario, ranked by their energy savings potential (combined for electricity and gas). Download the report. Congratulations to the three most energy efficient school boards in Ontario for 2019!

#3 – Upper Canada District School Board
#2 – York Region District School Board
#1 – Conseil scolaire de district catholique du Nouvel-Ontario

The total energy savings potential across all boards is 34.3%, worth close to $112 million annually, accounting for 235,000 tonnes of avoidable greenhouse gas emissions. This level of savings is achievable through meeting good practice energy use targets for elementary schools, secondary schools, and administration buildings.

Enerlife - Sustainable Schools - Top Energy Report - Size of the prize table
Across all of Ontario’s boards, 37% of buildings (1,738 facilities) have annual utility cost savings potential of $20,000 or more, and account for 76% of total utility cost savings and 62% of greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Focusing resources on these high-potential buildings is the most cost-effective approach to lowering operating costs and delivering greenhouse gas reductions. The current priority for most boards is investment in schools with infrastructure deficiencies. To achieve the utility cost savings and greenhouse gas emissions reduction potential, funding and resources are also required to address operational improvements and retrofits in these high-potential buildings.

Enerlife - Sustainable Schools - Top Energy Report - SHigh potential buildings chart
For methodology, please download the white paper available on the Sustainable Schools website. Sustainable Schools was established in 2007, and is one of three sector-specific programs developed and managed by Enerlife.