Ontario’s Top Energy Performing Boards Announced

York Catholic District School Board is the most energy efficient school board in Ontario, from among the 45 school boards analyzed for our project with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. Take a look at their estimated savings potential and other Top Ten board profiles at Sustainable Schools. These are the school boards with energy use intensity closest to the target (based on good performance standards from the Sustainable Schools database), that is, with the lowest energy savings potential.

Ontario’s Top Energy Performing Boards

We’re excited to announce that Toronto and Region Conservation will be publishing the Top Energy Performing Boards report at the end of June, as part of the Sustainable Schools program. For this project we analyzed data posted by 45 school boards (which represent almost three-quarters of all schools in Ontario) as a requirement of Ontario’s Green Energy Act. Every school has been assessed, adjusting for weather and school-specific variables, to establish its energy savings potential relative to good performance standards from the Sustainable Schools national database. The savings potential for all individual schools has been rolled up to arrive at our ranking of the top ten boards.

REALpac 20 by ’15 Energy Consumption Target

On September 18, 2009, following extensive research and consultation, the Real Property Association of Canada (REALpac) announced the 20 by ’15 national energy consumption target for office buildings. The goal of REALpac’s 20 by ’15 initiative is to achieve the target of 20 equivalent kilowatt hours of total energy use per square foot of rentable area per year (20 ekWh/ft2/year), in office buildings, by the year 2015.