Energy Into Action: OPsaver Program Successes

Oct 19, 2018 | Commercial offices, Events, Health care, Utilities

On Tuesday, October 30, 2018, Ontario’s major electric and gas utilities and IESO will be hosting an Energy Into Action event. Frank Cammalleri, Enerlife’s Vice-President, will be speaking about our experience with Toronto Hydro’s OPsaver program, a next-generation performance-based incentive program with a focus on operational improvements to achieve sustained, long-term savings, and verification of actual savings by measurement at the whole-building meter. Several of Enerlife’s clients are participating in this program, including large hospitals and commercial office buildings. Frank will share details of the analysis, the building systems, the nature and magnitude of the big savings opportunities and the actual results achieved.

Frank leads the engineering and technical team at Enerlife, responsible for successful execution of integrated projects which meet targeted energy performance standards. He is a partner and primary contributor to the company’s strategic direction and development, with in-depth technical knowledge and vertical market expertise in many sectors, including healthcare, municipalities, commercial office, retail, and multi-unit residential.