Enerlife Consulting is at the forefront of high performance green buildings. We are passionate about our clients and communities achieving unprecedented energy and environmental efficiency in their buildings. Our clients include municipalities, school boards, universities, healthcare organizations, and commercial office landlords, who use our services to design, direct and verify comprehensive programs for individual buildings and whole portfolios. Our knowledge is grounded in our Green Building Performance System™ (GBPS) which contains one of the largest databases of commercial and institutional buildings’ energy and water use in North America. For the past decade we have been tracking performance and identifying the most successful energy conservation strategies in hundreds of buildings. Our direct involvement and close working relationships with facility owners and managers, provides us with unique insight into the opportunities, challenges and best practices of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Ian A. Jarvis - President
Bachelor of Science, Professional Engineer of Ontario

Enerlife’s founder and president since 2001, Ian Jarvis is an authority on energy conservation, green buildings and sustainable communities. He has been at the leading edge of practice and research of high performance buildings for three decades. Ian provides strategic and technical advice to Enerlife’s projects and clients, forms and leads Integrated Building Performance Teams, and brings unique knowledge and experience of achieving and sustaining exceptional performance in individual buildings and portfolios. He is an expert witness in regulatory hearings, advises governments and utility companies on policy and program design and evaluation, and is an accomplished speaker and workshop leader.

Gillian Henderson - Vice President
Honours Bachelor of Arts, Master of Business Administration, LEED AP Operations + Maintenance

Gillian leads the company’s work in management consulting, strategic programs and project management, and social marketing. With over 15 years of experience in energy efficiency and sustainability, she has developed and managed building performance projects and programs in the commercial office, municipal, hospital and health care, retail, social housing and multi-residential sectors. She has extensive experience in developing proven public and private sector strategies, market research, best practice guides and documentation to support performance-based conservation and sustainability initiatives, with measurable results.

Frank Cammalleri - Vice President
Bachelor of Applied Science, Master of Business Administration, Professional Engineer of Ontario

Frank leads the engineering and technical team at Enerlife. He is responsible for successful execution of integrated projects which meet targeted energy performance standards. He is a partner and primary contributor to the company’s strategic direction and development, with in-depth technical knowledge and vertical market expertise in many sectors, including healthcare, municipalities, commercial office, retail, and multi-unit residential. As a Mechanical Engineer with extensive hands-on experience, Frank has a solid understanding of the technical challenges of implementing energy efficiency solutions. He leads integrated teams in auditing, design and implementation of energy efficiency system improvements on a wide range of projects, and provides expert guidance to Enerlife’s engineering and technical staff and project partners.

Amandeep Deol - Senior Project Engineer/Manager
Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Science-Engineering, Professional Engineer of Ontario, Project Management Professional, LEED AP Building Design + Construction

In his role as Senior Project Engineer/Manager, Amandeep leads the engineering team and works with various clients in achieving energy efficient building systems design through data-driven analytical tools and evidence-based improvements. Amandeep brings his extensive experience in mechanical systems design and his leadership skills to provide innovative and practical solutions to most challenging technical problems. He is deeply committed to sustainability and a strong advocate of energy conservation and continues to strive for achieving clients’ energy management goals. Amandeep served as the past chair of Emerging Green Builders (EGB) Committee of Canada Green Building Council-Greater Toronto Chapter.

Marion Fraser - Consultant
Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Public Administration

Marion Fraser is a primary advisor and contributor to energy conservation policy and strategy development in Ontario and across North America. Marion is a recognized authority on the energy sector, its recent evolution and future challenges. She served as senior policy advisor to Ontario’s Energy Minister from 2003-2008. Marion has also worked extensively in the private sector, helping business corporations develop energy efficiency goals and strategies. Marion’s knowledge and experience are reflected in Enerlife’s strategic direction and services.

Muzammel Hussain – Project Analyst
Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering

At Enerlife, Muzammel works with senior staff on projects for multiple clients, including hospitals, colleges and universities. He brings a passion for mechanical engineering and attention to detail to each project he participates in at Enerlife. He has hands-on experience with energy performance analysis, energy system analysis, and operational improvements. Muzammel’s experience includes over two years in in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system optimization, mechanical design, plant maintenance, wind energy and robotics (automation).

Emily Jarvis-Pollock - Business Manager
Diploma Business Administration-Marketing

Emily Jarvis-Pollock manages Enerlife’s office administration, financials and human resources. Her educational background is in business administration and marketing, and her marketing background assists with the development and formatting of communications materials and reports. Emily also has experience in sales and website development and is part of the team that maintains and updates the corporate website.

Avin Joseph – Project Analyst
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

Avin has considerable hands-on experience in large-scale commercial and residential energy efficiency retrofit projects, comprised of solutions design, testing and commissioning of HVAC systems. He works with Enerlife’s senior engineers to provide evidence-based retrofit and operational solutions for mechanical and electrical systems in various building types.

Ron Leal - Technical Director
Bachelor of Engineering Science, Certified Energy Manager

Ron leads the development of Enerlife’s building performance analysis tools, and played a key role in developing Enerlife’s online Green Building Performance System (GBPS). Ron continuously improves Enerlife’s data collection process to ensure the highest level of data integrity. He has expert knowledge of and extensive hands-on experience with Energy Star Portfolio Manager (PM) tool, being in charge of data validation and PM reporting for various clients. Ron takes an active part in refining and managing Enerlife’s Integrated Building Performance Process, which brings together the key management, design, engineering, testing, controls and operations personnel into a team that works together to achieve performance optimization.

Wen Jie Li - Project Analyst
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Master of Civil Engineering

Wen has a strong educational background in mechanical and civil engineering, combined with several years of hands-on experience of providing practical solutions to improve building system performance. She has experience with building audits, energy analysis, engineering design, optimization, and retrofit project management in complex buildings and several building types. As a member of Integrated Building Performance teams, led by Enerlife for various clients, Wen works with engineers, contractors, building operators and management in providing retrofit and operational solutions to deliver results while striving to ensure the satisfaction of occupants and organizational needs.

Giovanni Madalozzo - Project Analyst
Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering, LEED GA

Giovanni has a strong educational background in building science and energy efficiency, combined with several years of experience in energy analysis and modeling. As a member of Enerlife’s Integrated Building Performance Team, Giovanni assists senior engineers in providing evidence-based retrofits and operational solutions for mechanical and electrical systems in commercial and institutional buildings. He also co-leads building systems audits and analyzes and interprets building energy and water performance metrics for a wide range of building types and building systems. He also co-leads building systems audits and analyzes and interprets building energy and water performance metrics for a wide range of building types and building systems.

Natalie Millan - Project Manager
Bachelor of Science-Civil Engineering, Master of Business Administration, Master of Finance, Project Management Professional

Natalie is a member Enerlife’s Project Management team with a thorough understanding of Project Management methodology. She has acquired very strong project management skills through over nine years of experience on a number of projects before joining Enerlife Consulting. Natalie’s qualifications include a solid and strong background in using a variety of methodologies and processes to lead and manage large-scale projects and clients.

Katia Osokine - Project Manager
Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, LEED AP Operations + Maintenance

Katia Osokine manages delivery of energy management and consulting services to Enerlife’s clients in institutional and commercial sectors. She is the project manager for Enerlife’s long-running Sustainable Schools program. Katia has extensive experience in proposal writing, project design, planning, and budgeting, as well as performance analysis, project implementation, reporting, and client relations. She also conducts research and analysis on benchmarking and energy efficiency for schools and university buildings to support performance-based conservation.

Michael Pagel - Project Manager
Honours Bachelor of Arts, Master of Business Administration

Michael has successfully managed the Greening Health Care program since 2009, consisting of over fifty healthcare facilities with a common goal to reduce energy consumption through peer networking at workshops and webinars. He also manages several retrofit implementation projects for hospital clients. In addition to project management, Michael has developed audit templates and energy assessment reports for multiple building types in a concise, accessible format that includes benchmarking, targets, savings potential and where retrofit and operational savings can be achieved.

Khaled Razzak - Project Analyst
Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science-Thermal Energy

Khaled has several years of hands-on experience in evidence-based retrofit and operational solutions for mechanical and electrical systems in commercial and institutional buildings.

He works with Enerlife’s senior engineers to identify and implement performance improvements, as well as analyze and interpret building energy and water performance metrics for various building types and building systems. He has performed building systems audits for elementary and secondary schools and other building types, and has significant experience in successful incentive applications, management and measurement and verification processes for several utilities across Ontario.

Pavel Rusyaev - IT and Analytics Manager
Bachelor of Arts

Pavel is a senior member of Enerlife’s data management team, and plays a key role in virtually all of Enerlife’s projects and programs. He develops, maintains and updates Enerlife’s tools for analyzing, organizing and presenting energy performance results. Pavel manages utility data for all of the buildings in Enerlife’s Green Building Performance System, and is responsible for ongoing improvement of system functionality, and for developing and managing system and tool documentation.

Farhang Vahabi - Project Engineer
Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science-Mechanical Engineering, Professional Engineer of Ontario

Farhang is a senior member of Enerlife’s engineering team, whose areas of expertise include design, analysis, modeling, optimization, retrofit, construction and operation of building energy systems in institutional, commercial, residential and administrative buildings. As a member of Integrated Building Performance teams, Farhang leads junior staff in providing evidence-based retrofit and operational solutions for mechanical and electrical systems in commercial and institutional buildings.

Kathryn Wilson - Project Manager
Honours Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts

Kathryn is an experienced manager with thorough understanding of building performance analysis, benchmarking and communications. She manages delivery of energy and environmental management and consulting services to Enerlife’s clients in the municipal sector. Kathryn has substantial experience in data collection, research, report writing and editing. She is adept at knowing how to find information efficiently, use it effectively, and evaluate the quality of the information.

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