Planning for the Energy Transition

Achieve energy and emissions reduction goals with low-carbon plans that deliver.

Performance-Based Conservation

Using benchmarking and target-setting to identify and implement operational and retrofit projects that achieve real, deep energy savings measurable at the meter.

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Strategic Sustainability

From establishing guiding principles and overall goals through to identifying opportunities, implementing plans and measuring performance.

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Smart Operations

Intelligent operating strategies and engaged building operators are key to achieving deep energy savings at relatively low cost while improving occupant comfort.

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Integrated Building Performance Team™

Expert facilitation for Integrated Building Performance Teams that define evidence-based solutions, drive continuous improvement, and make every building the best it can be.

Leading Green Building Performance

Enerlife’s Performance-Based Conservation approach is transforming the knowledge and practice of energy conservation in buildings. This has led to unprecedented energy savings in a growing number of buildings and portfolios which are now among the most energy efficient in North America.

From major commercial landlords to leading hospitals, school boards and municipalities, Enerlife is helping owners and managers achieve the full energy and environmental potential of their buildings. Using our Performance-Based Conservation approach, we provide unique expertise and resources to achieve exceptional performance in individual buildings and across portfolios. Our insight and knowledge are grounded in one of the largest online building performance databases in North America, and our close working relationships with leading owners and partners.

Whatever your goals are, Enerlife can help you achieve deeper savings in less time and at lower cost than traditional approaches. We provide an integrated building performance process which actively engages all the players and leaves nothing on the table. We consistently deliver deeper savings by systematically addressing the interdependent roles of best design practice, operational excellence and active occupant engagement.