Energy Into Action: Where the Big Savings Are

Oct 22, 2015 | Commercial offices, Events, Health care, Presentations, Schools

Ian Jarvis spoke about our experience with achieving dramatic savings in HVAC systems in commercial and institutional buildings at Energy Into Action, an event hosted by Ontario’s electric and gas utilities and IESO. While lighting improvements are highly visible, the biggest energy savings in many commercial and institutional buildings are hidden behind the walls – in the HVAC systems. Identifying and correcting inefficiencies improves comfort and air quality, as well as lowers energy use. Systematic testing leads to opportunities for repairs, re-balancing, retrofits and right-sizing which often cut energy demand in half. Then, tuning up the building automation system with smart operating sequences takes the systems to peak efficiency and keeps them there.

Ian profiled case studies from commercial, healthcare and education facilities which highlighted how improvements were uncovered, and just how dramatic the savings and utility company incentives have been.

Download (PDF, 1.07MB)