Rendering courtesy of Cicada Design Inc.

West Park Healthcare Centre

Enerlife has been working with West Park Healthcare for over a decade, helping establish it among the most energy efficient continuing complex care hospitals in the Greening Health Care database. More importantly, the hospital was able to maintain this leadership position and has remained within the top five on the energy performance benchmark since 2004. Building on this success, the hospital engaged Enerlife to prepare its 5-year Energy Conservation and Demand Management (ECDM) Plan as required under Ontario Regulation 397/11. The ECDM plan highlights the remaining areas of energy conservation and utility cost savings potential, and sets out the business case, strategy and work plan for defining and implementing improvements to fan power, the boiler plant and water systems.

To meet the targets established in the ECDM plan, we have undertaken systematic testing, metering and analysis leading to detailed design, installation and verification of specific operational, retrofit and control measures. These improvements will fully meet the hospital’s energy target and place West Park among the most energy efficient healthcare facilities in North America.

The cooperation of the hospital’s operations staff in the redevelopment of the hospital will ensure that the successful conservation over the past decade is continued and further improved in the design of the new site. Enerlife has prepared a design vision report to help the hospital’s ongoing leadership in the hospital energy and water performance.

Sector: Hospitals
Location: Toronto, ON
Client: West Park Healthcare Centre

Services provided:

Building performance audit

Energy advisory services

Energy management plan

Project development and implementation

ekWh/sf total energy intensity in 2014 – within top 5 on benchmark chart since 2004