Photo courtesy of Cadillac Fairview

Simcoe Place

We have been working with Cadillac Fairview since 2011 at their million square foot, Class A commercial office building in downtown Toronto. Leading the Integrated Building Performance Team, we have raised the building’s performance from Energy Star 85 to over 95, and the building is on its way to Energy Star 98 when current projects are complete. Guided by our 2010 Roadmap Report, the Team has worked towards and surpassed REALpac’s 20 by ’15 energy target.

We applied systematic testing and investigation to uncover and correct inefficiencies in just about every building system. Improved operations, maintenance and automation have combined with evidence-based retrofits to optimize performance of heating and cooling systems, transformers, elevator machinery and lighting, making Simcoe Place one of the most energy-efficient commercial properties in North America. Enerlife’s ongoing work is focused on ensuring that established performance standards are maintained and continuously improved in future, with performance-based service contracts, operator training and documentation.

Sector: Commercial offices
Location: Toronto, ON
Client: Cadillac Fairview

Services provided:

Building performance optimization

Building performance audit

Energy advisory services

Project development and implementation

Project highlights:

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