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Oxford Properties

Enerlife worked with Oxford Properties to develop a portfolio-wide, building by building carbon target model for Oxford’s retail, office, multi-residential and hotel properties across North America and in Europe. The model supported Oxford’s strategic objectives, identified the implementation plan and helped make the business case for Oxford Properties’ corporate GHG reduction target that is both achievable and meets the Science-Based Targets criteria. The model incorporated potential carbon reductions from building energy measures, onsite renewable installations, and offsite renewables for every building in the portfolio. It included a reconciliation of carbon reduction options and leading an advisory group to review and finalize the climate and energy target model.

For Oxford Properties’ new Waterpark Place office tower, our team prepared a feasibility assessment for heat recovery chiller installation as part of the company’s Low-Carbon Transition Plan. The goal was to minimize greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of achieving the first commercial net-zero carbon building in Canada. The feasibility study scope included: building energy usage breakdown and systems optimization savings opportunities, use of heat recovery chiller to recover energy from 24/7 cooling load in the building, and offsetting the remaining emissions through carbon credits. Parametric modeling and life cycle cost analysis was conducted to determine the best energy conversation measures and heat recovery options in the building.

In earlier work with Oxford Properties, Enerlife produced the ground-breaking “Sustainable Intelligence” operational excellence guides for the company’s commercial office and retail asset classes, focusing on identifying organizational and sector best practices and case studies. Following the first edition of the guides, we prepared an update with the addition of Oxford’s multi-residential, hotel and industrial asset classes.

Sector: Commercial offices
Location: Toronto, ON
Client: Oxford Properties

Services provided:

Energy advisory services

Strategic sustainability