City of Toronto

Enerlife is working with the City of Toronto to design and develop a Strategic Energy Management program, as part of the City’s Green Will Initiative. The SEM program will ensure the continued success of the Green Will Initiative and will support and align with TransformTO, the City’s ambitious climate action strategy which aims to reduce Toronto’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net-zero by 2050 or sooner. Using our deep experience with other collaborative programs, including CivicAction’s Race to Reduce, the Tower Renewal Office’s STEP program and Climate Challenge Network’s Mayor’s Megawatt Challenge and Sustainable Schools, we are ensuring the program will equip building owners with tools to identify opportunities for energy and emissions reductions, make the business case for investment and address barriers to effective action.

Enerlife developed the 2014-2019 City of Toronto Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan, applying an evidence-based approach to establishing savings potential across over 500 City of Toronto buildings, including administration, library, police, recreation and fire department facilities. We provided a systematic assessment of the overall potential for reducing energy use, emissions and utility costs for use by senior management and Council in setting policy and goals. It also provided the platform for the City’s ongoing strategy and planning for achieving the savings.

Sector: Municipalities
Location: Toronto, ON
Client: City of Toronto

Services provided:

Strategic sustainability

Building performance audit

Energy management plan

City of Toronto ECDM Plan 2018

Download (PDF, 734KB)