City of Toronto

The City is a founding member of the Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge program and Enerlife has been working with them on benchmarking, target-setting, case studies and best practices relating to a range of municipal facilities. The City engaged Enerlife to prepare its 5-year Energy Conservation and Demand Management (ECDM) Plan as required under Ontario Regulation 397/11. The ECDM plan adopted Enerlife’s performance-based conservation methodology to establish the energy conservation potential for 543 buildings from sixteen different divisions including administration, library, police, recreation and fire department facilities.

The plan establishes the total potential for energy, emissions and utility cost savings to create the business case for a comprehensive implementation program. It identifies high-, medium- and low energy savings potential buildings as the foundation of the implementation strategy. 54 high-potential facilities, accounting for approximately 60% of the total savings potential, will proceed with in-depth testing and analysis to define specific measures. The plan was featured in the 2015 MaRS Cleantech conference, “Capturing Energy Savings Using Big Data.”

Sector: Municipalities
Location: Toronto, ON
Client: City of Toronto

Services provided:

Building performance audit

Energy management plan

City of Toronto ECDM Plan 2018

Download (PDF, 734KB)