Alberta Health Services

For Alberta Health Services, we prepared a multi-year Provincial Utility Management Plan for delivering the energy and water savings, economic and emissions reduction potential for 195 healthcare facilities across Alberta. The work included site walk-throughs and ASHRAE Level 2 audits for a range of representative facilities which were used to create the detailed technical and financial model for the whole portfolio. The reports identified buildings and systems with the greatest potential savings and provided capital costs for the wide range of energy conservation measures which informed the overall capital plan, business case and return on investment. We developed an online survey which was completed by site staff with a response and accuracy rate over 90%, and aggregated the responses into the financial model to allow sensitivity testing of different mixes of measures and timing of implementation.

Our team is now working on re-commissioning project implementation for six high savings potential facilities. We direct site personnel and local testing and controls contractors to investigate energy and water use anomalies through analysis of ventilation and boiler test reports and BAS trend logs, identifying necessary adjustments and equipment refurbishment or replacement and verifying that the targeted savings have been achieved.

Sector: Hospitals
Location: Alberta
Client: Alberta Health Services

Services provided:

Building performance optimization

Building performance audit

Energy Management Plan