Greening Health Care: Energy efficiency and sustainability

Mar 16, 2014 | Health care, Publications

Greening Health Care was featured in the Hospital News February 2014 Edition, titled Greening Health Care: Energy efficiency and sustainability. In this article, Brian Dundas describes the program’s unique approach to conservation as:

Greening Health Care’s member hospitals are proving that pursuing energy efficiency not only saves money and demonstrates leadership, but also helps instill the principle of high performance into all aspects of hospital operations. Canada-wide, hospitals spend approximately $750 million a year on utilities. Our studies have shown that about $250 million of the nation-wide utility expenditure is wasted, which represents a large, untapped financial asset in potential utility cost savings.

Our members have learned that in most cases savings can be achieved quite easily, often through smart operational and controls changes that require no capital outlay. All that’s required is first to know what your savings potential is, then a facilities staff eager to take control of their building and finally making the business case for senior-level support. The methodology developed through Greening Health Care is now providing the metrics, best practices and tools for leading hospitals across the country to quantify and deliver the full potential of each facility. Members also value the opportunities for networking, recognition, and celebration.

This article appears on page 9 of the Hospital News February 2014.