Stories of Schools, Savings and Success from the 2017 EcoSchools Board Conference

Jan 25, 2017 | Events, Partnerships, Schools

Enerlife was pleased to present at and sponsor the recent 2017 EcoSchools Board Conference. Brian Dundas of Toronto and Region Conservation and our President, Ian Jarvis, co-presented our multi-year work on the Sustainable Schools program. In recent years, this program has evolved into the Top Energy Performing School Boards reports. (Read Presentation)


EcoSchools Conference presentation

2017 EcoSchools Board Conference, “Building Environmental Leadership”
Photo courtesy of Ontario EcoSchools

These reports use the energy data that all Ontario school boards provide annually to the Ministry of Energy, and Enerlife’s energy targeting methodology, incorporating adjustments for building characteristics and weather, to estimate energy savings potential for each facility and school board. The school boards are then ranked by their energy savings potential. School boards with the least energy savings potential are considered to be the most energy efficient.


EcoSchools Conference attendee package

Conference attendee packages included the 2016 Top Energy Performing Boards report
Photo courtesy of Ontario EcoSchools

The Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) has been one of our success stories. We invited SCDSB’s Kayla Kalalian to co-present the work Enerlife and the board have done together over several years, highlighting stories of significant energy savings at Trillium Woods ES and Bear Creek SS. (Read Presentation) The experience of each of these schools can inform and educate other boards as well as reinforce the fact that these schools are making changes that add up to savings. The energy efficiency work going forward is based on the 2014 Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan that Enerlife prepared for the board.

Trillium Woods ES 2014 vs 2009 energy savings

SCDSB’s Trillium Woods Elementary School, built in 2005, decreased its energy use by 39.5%

We’re looking forward to adding new success stories each year. Stay tuned for the results of the Top Ten Energy Performing School Boards report for 2017, which will be published later in the spring.