The 2017 Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge Forum: Municipal ECDM Plans

Oct 28, 2017 | Events, Municipalities

This year’s forum provides a mid-term review of Ontario’s Energy Conservation and Demand Management (ECDM) plans, examining content and progress of existing municipal plans, and setting the stage for the 2019 reporting on savings achieved and updating of plans to incorporate new knowledge and targets. The program includes revisiting the Town Hall Challenge, in which a growing number of municipalities are meeting and surpassing this new standard of excellence in Town and City Hall energy efficiency. Attendees will see case studies of some of the most energy efficient facilities, as well as those making the biggest savings, and learn about the products and services involved in their success. For full program details, please see the 2017 Forum Agenda.

The Forum is the annual signature event of the MMC program, bringing together municipalities, government, utility companies, associations and industry experts to drive forward the energy and environmental performance of municipal facilities. MMC is one of several programs that Enerlife has developed with Toronto & Region Conservation.